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Algocraft updates the programming algorithm for Cypress MB96300 series of the F2MC-16FX family. With this new version (v. we reached excellent performances in terms of programming times of FLASH memory.

WriteNow! Technology allows to program up to 8 devices at once, drastically reducing programming times, costs, and system complexity. In addition, WriteNow! Technology’s performances allow to achieve the theoretical programming speed for any given device, thus shortening as much as possible the programming phase of the production process.

Thanks to this optimized WriteNow! Architecture, it is now possible to program the Cypress MB96300 Series reducing up to 40% less of the previous driver version and reducing the programming speed up to twice confronted to our competitors.

As programming interface, WriteNow! uses the standard UART  protocol with a maximum Baudrate of 1000000 bits/s.

Algocraft provides support of Cypress F2MC-16FX family through all of its WriteNow! Series, single and parallel In-System Programmers. Our four WN programmers are: WN-PRG01A (programs 1 device by one), WN-PRG02A (programs 2 devices in parallel), WN-PRG04A (programs 4 devices in parallel), and WN-PRG08A (programs 8 devices in parallel).

In addition, we provide external Demultiplexer modules as accessories for the multiple-sites WriteNow! models, able to extend the programming channels up to 32 in a sequential way (8+8+8+8).

Thanks to the optimized WriteNow! Architecture, programming time for MB96F613 device (96KB Flash) is 11 seconds (erase + blank check + program + verify) – 8 devices in parallel.

The F2MC-16FX family features a 16-bit CISC Architecture for optimized performance and low power consumption. The wide product range is appropriate for a variety of applications, from automotive devices that support the Controller Area Network (CAN) to the industrial and consumer applications ones including systems controllers and sub-controllers for audio visual equipment, white goods, office equipment, and industrial equipment.