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The global, electronics manufacturing market requires high volumes and low-production costs.
Therefore, programming time is a key factor.
The WriteNow! technology is targeted to on-board (in-system) programming and has been designed to achieve high-speed programming, while maintaining reliability and flexibility.
The WriteNow! technology has been created with speed and reliability as key features, and employs state-of-the art components and techniques to give birth to the WriteNow! Series of In-System Programmers.

True Parallelism, High Speed

Typically, PCBs are grouped into PCB panels. To program all of the devices in a panel, a traditional approach consists of using either multiple programming tools (with added costs and complexity) or a demultiplexing solution (with slow overall programming time). The WriteNow! technology allows the programming of up to 8 devices at once, drastically reducing programming times, costs, and system complexity. In addition, the WriteNow! technology performances allow to reach the theoretical programming speed for any given device, thus shortening as much as possible the programming phase of the production process.

Universal Device Support

The WriteNow! technology is based on a universal platform. A single programming tool supporting various devices and manufacturers means:

  • Only one system to learn;
  • Less spare parts;
  • Only one company to interface to
  • Engineering time and costs saved;
  • More time to dedicate to the quality of the programming/testing flow.

Worldwide Remote Control

Manufacturing companies often need to synchronize local data (e.g. firmware residing on a central server) with distant production facilities. Thanks to its LAN connectivity and its built-in, password-based data encryption features, the WriteNow! technology allows production data to be securely sent over the Internet from a local R&D laboratory directly to any other WriteNow! instrument in the world. Likewise, distant WriteNow! instruments can be remotely controlled from a local PC.